Suburban street – the video

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Little sister – the video

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Download the hit single “Little Sister” for free!

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Moving from this town – old video no 2

“Moving from this town” was released in October 2006. We had a lot of fun recording this video! Again I got to spend some time with the amazing film team Popcore film. The video was shot in the waters and streets of Skellefteå.

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Until she breaks – old video no 1

I’m afraid the editing of “A Long Way From Anywhere” is going to take a bit longer than i expected. So the February-video is going to be delayed until around the 10th of March. However, I’ve decided to re-release 2 old, but incredible good, videos from my first album to make up for the glitch. Fist one out is “Until she breaks”. The video was shoot somewhere between Skellefteå and Bastuträsk, Sweden, by the amazing guys at Popcore film. Starring handsome David Johansson as the hitch hiker, Katie as herself and Mårten Tromm as himself.

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A Long Way From Anywhere – video shoot

I spent last weekend together with the coolest girls I’ve ever met – the Stockholm Roller Derby team! We were in Tierp, Sweden, in a big cold garage, recording the video for A Long Way From Anywhere, which will be released by the end of February. Here are some pictures.


The January video – Sitting at home

Here’s the Katie goes to Tokyo January video, “Sitting at home”! Starring Nisse the cat and Katie. Filmed in Skelleftehamn, Sweden, by Maria Stenlund.

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New video – Paper moon

Take a look at my new video! It’s the December-video, added on new years eve. The song is co-written with Hawksley Workman and Mårten Tromm, the couple that made the critically acclaimed album “Milk”.

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Good Morning Accidents – new video!

As you may know I have recorded some videos for the songs on my new album My Naked Heart. One new video will be released every month on YouTube and my webpage. I’m very happy to present to you the November-video: Good Morning Accidents!

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Suburban Street – new video!

Check out Katie goes to Tokyo’s new video Suburban Street starring the coolest kid in the world, Adde Kamlid on skateboard!

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Little sister
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