TRY – New single featuring Jeon Jihan (Korea)

A couple of years back I wrote a song called Try. I was in LA and had been asked to come upp with a song for a movie with the theme “don’t stop, don’t give up”. In the end the movie-producer decided to go along with a song by Coldplay instead, and I went on on writing for other projects and completely forgot about the song until I found the demo again last February. I sent it to my Korean label and they suggested I do it as a duett together with Jeon Jihan, who is the singer of the Korean band Peterpan Complex. When I first heard his voice knew it would be perfect. He really has the most beautiful voice, well suited for this very laid back, melancholic, reflective ballad. I asked him to sing in Korean on the 2:nd verse and you can hear us on iTunes, Spotify, and many other online streaming sites.

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