China tour May 2014

Beijing 9 May, 2014 I could never imagine that so many people would come to see my show in Beijing. I love Beijing!

Katie poster BeijingHitFM BeijingGig BeijingCD signering Beijing


Shanghai – city of romance, 10 May 2014. I always dreamed of going to Shanghai. Such a lovely city. Such nice people. This was one of the best gigs on the whole tour.

ShanghaiGig 2 ShanghaiShanghai gigSignering Shanghai


Nanjing 11 May 2014 – city with a beautiful lake

Nanjing    Nanjing 2


Chongqing  13 May 2014 – absolutely nuts, in a good way! 

Chongqing Nuts Live houseChongqing gig

Chongqing Nuts bartenders


Chengdu 15 May 2014 – the city with great food.

Chengdu gigsChengdu


Wuhan – 16 May 2014. Lovely gig, lovely people. Question: How fast can a taxi go, and why aren’t there any seat belts?

Wuhan VOX livehouse 2CD signering Wuhan



Changsha – 17 May 2014. Thank you to all my nice fans!! 

CD signering Changsha

Mårten och jag i Changsha


Guangzhou 18 May, 2014. Oh I really love this city and the people in it. Thanks to all who came to see me play. Thank you for making this gig a such a wonderful end to a great tour. I will remember you forever!

Gig Guangzhou 

CD signering GuangzhouCD signering 2 Guangzhou


Back in Beijing, I was so happy. You gave me such good memories. Thank you Great Sounds, Yulia, Stanley, all my fans! Thank you Marten, who came with me on this incredible journey!

You made me glow!

Back in Beijing Glowing


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