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Dear all,

As you all know, Katie goes to Tokyo was an experiment with a special goal –  to play a show in Tokyo one day. Well, that day has come. In fact it came and went. And I was lucky to tour in wonderful South Korea and amazing China on the way as well.

I’ve had the most fantastic time working on this project, but since I’ve reached my goal, I have started working on a new project called Tiger Rosa. This doesn’t mean that I will never do a show as Katie goes to Tokyo again.

So far, I’ve done some collaborating with a Canadian artist called Buck 65. If you want to hear some of the songs we wrote, google “Neverlove” and look for the songs featuring Tiger Rosa. We also went on a heartbreak tour last year to Australia, France, United Kingdom and Canada. It was a roller coaster for sure and what stuck with me the most after the tour was all the nice people we met on the way. Many of them wanted to know when my next album will be out. I’m working on it.

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Short video from Katies China tour

I really had a blast in China! Amazing people, amazing venues, amazing food. It was an adventure.

Thank you all for coming to my gigs!

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China tour May 2014

Beijing 9 May, 2014 I could never imagine that so many people would come to see my show in Beijing. I love Beijing!

Katie poster BeijingHitFM BeijingGig BeijingCD signering Beijing


Shanghai – city of romance, 10 May 2014. I always dreamed of going to Shanghai. Such a lovely city. Such nice people. This was one of the best gigs on the whole tour.

ShanghaiGig 2 ShanghaiShanghai gigSignering Shanghai


Nanjing 11 May 2014 - city with a beautiful lake

Nanjing    Nanjing 2


Chongqing  13 May 2014 - absolutely nuts, in a good way! 

Chongqing Nuts Live houseChongqing gig

Chongqing Nuts bartenders


Chengdu 15 May 2014 – the city with great food.

Chengdu gigsChengdu


Wuhan – 16 May 2014. Lovely gig, lovely people. Question: How fast can a taxi go, and why aren’t there any seat belts?

Wuhan VOX livehouse 2CD signering Wuhan



Changsha – 17 May 2014. Thank you to all my nice fans!! 

CD signering Changsha

Mårten och jag i Changsha


Guangzhou 18 May, 2014. Oh I really love this city and the people in it. Thanks to all who came to see me play. Thank you for making this gig a such a wonderful end to a great tour. I will remember you forever!

Gig Guangzhou 

CD signering GuangzhouCD signering 2 Guangzhou


Back in Beijing, I was so happy. You gave me such good memories. Thank you Great Sounds, Yulia, Stanley, all my fans! Thank you Marten, who came with me on this incredible journey!

You made me glow!

Back in Beijing Glowing


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New release – The Acoustic EP


KGTT Acoustic EP cover 2013


In mid August Katie released her new EP – The Acoustic EP. This EP gives you acoustic versions of Katie’s favorite songs from her previously released albums.

The Acoustic EP was recorded at Keen Music in Toronto, Canada, in spring 2013 together with Marten Tromm and guitarist Justin Abedin. Also playing on this heartbreaking masterpiece is Mats Valentin.

Available now on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, cdon.com. So go get it!

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Tour in Japan June 2013

I just got back from my lovely Japan tour. For me it was so much more than just a tour. Going to Tokyo was the reason why I started the Katie goes to… project. And Tokyo was fantastic! I only wish I could have stayed longer. I did 5 gigs and a couple of interviews during my short stay. Here are a couple of pics.

BlommorAdventure in Tokyo

Gig at Sweden day Tokyo Interwiev with Hyggelig Magazine

1. Gig at the Swedish Embassy 2. Interview with Aiko at Hyggelig News after my gig at Strobe Café.


KGTT Hyggelig mag Mamoru and Hideaki Me and 2 nice fellows

1. So many nice people came to the Strobe Café gig! I was so happy to meet my first Japanese fan Mamoru -who has been my biggest supporter in Japan for many years.

2. I met two very nice fellows at Sweden Day.

Me and Japanese artist at Strobe cafe Me and my bodyguards

1. Me and a talented Japanese artist who played at Strobe Cafe.

2. This is taken after my 3rd gig at the Swedish Embassy. There is something about this picture…. I love it.


Me and Nagame from the Swedish Embassy Me and Tokyo common sense

1. Me and Nagame (Swedish Embassy) at my last gig in Tokyo, Amaranth Lounge.

2. Japanese artist Tokyo Common sense recorded a fantastic cove of my song “Sitting at home”.

My last Japanese gig was at a dragqueen club

The Amatanth Lounge was a really beautiful place. Here I am with one of the owners.


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KGTT Tour in South Korea 30 May – 5 June

I am having the time of my life in South Korea, making PR for my album “My Naked Heart” and my upcoming EP “The Acoustic EP”. It’s fantastic! I love everything about this tour. Big thanks to Some Music and Ruby Records!

Seoul Hongdae area

This is me after my gig at the Veranda, in Seoul, Hongdae area.


Gig at the Veranda Seoul

There were a lot of people at the Veranda.


Me and Doeky at Naksun park Seoul playing for Off the Record.

This is me and Doeky at Naksun park, Seoul, recording 2 songs for Off the Record.


National TV gig KBS All That Music

Last Saturday I performed at the Korean national Tv show KBS “All that music”. The show will be aired later this summer. I had a blast!


Gig at Tungstone hall with The Mushru:ms

This is me and the lovely fellows in Korean band Mushrum:s playing at Tungstone Hall, Seoul. Mushru:ms also played with me on “All that music”.

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Katie goes to Tokyo by Jonas Pettersson

I took some new pictures with my friend Jonas Pettersson last summer. Here’s one of them. I like it! Love wearing a tie.


Kaie goes to Tokyo by Jonas Pettersson

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My Naked Heart – Korea release December 6th 2012

My Naked Heart is being released in Korea! Thanks to Some Music, RubySalon Records, Daum Music, Sunday Disco and and their partners for their support! For you who live in Korea, my Korean web-site address is http://kgtt.somemusic.co.kr and there is an KGTT-app available at iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/kr/app/my-naked-heart/id582374302?mt=8.


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My Naked Heart – new video!

Here is the 12th and final music video from Katie goes to Tokyo’s album My Naked Heart!

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You don’t think I know – new video!

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