NEW SINGLE – Whatever gets you through the night

Guys, I just released a new single and so I’m excited for you to hear it! It’s called “Whatever gets you through the night” and it’s about the aftermath of a broken relationship, when your ex finds someone new way too soon. You can find it in the usual online music stores and streaming services, like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CD-baby.



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TRY – New single featuring Jeon Jihan (Korea)

A couple of years back I wrote a song called Try. I was in LA and had been asked to come upp with a song for a movie with the theme “don’t stop, don’t give up”. In the end the movie-producer decided to go along with a song by Coldplay instead, and I went on on writing for other projects and completely forgot about the song until I found the demo again last February. I sent it to my Korean label and they suggested I do it as a duett together with Jeon Jihan, who is the singer of the Korean band Peterpan Complex. When I first heard his voice knew it would be perfect. He really has the most beautiful voice, well suited for this very laid back, melancholic, reflective ballad. I asked him to sing in Korean on the 2:nd verse and you can hear us on iTunes, Spotify, and many other online streaming sites.

Read more about my projects on and Instagram @tiger_rosa


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My new single Give You Up was finally released today! I want to thank my record label in Korea for getting my music out there. I’m still working out a deal for China, but the song will be available in the rest of the world via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and anywhere else you can think of as of next week.

Check out the video for Give You Up on YouTube and follow me here:

Instagram @tiger_rosa


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Thank you!

I’m back in Sweden again after an amazing week in China. I want to thank all my fans for making my shows so memorable and fun. I might see you again next year!

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China – Beijing and Tianjin March 2017

I’ve got some wonderful news for my fans in China. I’m coming to Beijing and Tianjin very soon! Please see my label Pocket Record’s web-site for more info. and come see me play! Last time was so much fun and I can’t wait to see you all again. <3


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Here they come!

My albums “Katie goes to Tokyo” and “My Naked Heart” were finally released in Japan on August 31st! I’m so excited that pop music lovers in Japan will have the chance to discover my music! What’s special about the Japanese edition is that both albums also include a couple of songs from my latest release “The Acoustic EP”.

There are a lot of videos for the songs, and you can basically find them all on Youtube.

Here are links to two Japanese stores where you can find my albums!

Big thanks to my Japanese label Il Tempo for making this happen!


Japan edition

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Album Release Japan

So, as you already know my albums  – all of them – will be released in Japan. The release date is set to August 31st. I am so excited! Check out my label’s web page and order my album(s) here:

Both albums will include a couple of songs each from my acoustic Ep.

My Japanese label is very dedicated and I am so grateful they made this happen.

I had such a great time when I last played in Tokyo and I would love to come back!



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So, here’s a twist. My Katie goes to Tokyo-albums will be released in Japan by a new label in the fall. I would absolutely love to tour in Japan again some day. I will keep you updated.

I am still working on new music with Tiger Rosa, currently in Sweden.

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Short video from Katies China tour

I really had a blast in China! Amazing people, amazing venues, amazing food. It was an adventure.

Thank you all for coming to my gigs!

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China tour May 2014

Beijing 9 May, 2014 I could never imagine that so many people would come to see my show in Beijing. I love Beijing!

Katie poster BeijingHitFM BeijingGig BeijingCD signering Beijing


Shanghai – city of romance, 10 May 2014. I always dreamed of going to Shanghai. Such a lovely city. Such nice people. This was one of the best gigs on the whole tour.

ShanghaiGig 2 ShanghaiShanghai gigSignering Shanghai


Nanjing 11 May 2014 – city with a beautiful lake

Nanjing    Nanjing 2


Chongqing  13 May 2014 – absolutely nuts, in a good way! 

Chongqing Nuts Live houseChongqing gig

Chongqing Nuts bartenders


Chengdu 15 May 2014 – the city with great food.

Chengdu gigsChengdu


Wuhan – 16 May 2014. Lovely gig, lovely people. Question: How fast can a taxi go, and why aren’t there any seat belts?

Wuhan VOX livehouse 2CD signering Wuhan



Changsha – 17 May 2014. Thank you to all my nice fans!! 

CD signering Changsha

Mårten och jag i Changsha


Guangzhou 18 May, 2014. Oh I really love this city and the people in it. Thanks to all who came to see me play. Thank you for making this gig a such a wonderful end to a great tour. I will remember you forever!

Gig Guangzhou 

CD signering GuangzhouCD signering 2 Guangzhou


Back in Beijing, I was so happy. You gave me such good memories. Thank you Great Sounds, Yulia, Stanley, all my fans! Thank you Marten, who came with me on this incredible journey!

You made me glow!

Back in Beijing Glowing


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